THIS IS NOT OUR WAR! Dear fellow Russians! Dear fellow Ukrainians! Dear Europeans!

Dear fellow Russians! Dear fellow Ukrainians! Dear Europeans!


We have a historic chance to get out of this seemingly hopeless situation and create something truly great, namely peace and unity on the continents of Europe and Asia with leadership roles of Russia and Ukraine.

Let's thwart the plans of a few individuals, united in certain circles of power, acting against our needs and interests, and start with a ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine.

This is immediately followed by the start of friendly talks at all levels, from the sovereign down to our contractors and employees the politicians. Let us move towards each other in friendship and love and implement what is already long overdue. Namely to build lasting, friendly - interpersonal relations, to implement cultural, political, economic and also military cooperation in EURASIA.

This is the new way, this is the future - let us create it together.

What we don't need are people who earn money from the suffering of others, who wage war, who promote hatred between nations, who divide their own people.

We create ourselves the future, which we really need and which we wish! And we do it either with or without all those whom we have actually endowed with our trust and provided with these orders - the politicians!

We want and need peace, friendship and cooperation. Let us master this really challenging and difficult task together and our children and grandchildren will thank us.

As Dr. Daniele Ganser says "We are all part of the human family" - let's take our future into our own hands - NOW!

Your VfcG

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